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British slang for crazy. Dagenham is two stops beyond Barking on the London Underground system (Barking is also slang for crazy, as in "barking mad.")
That TV celebrity needs to check into a rehab clinic again. She's completely Dagenham.
by randomacts March 05, 2004
35 39
Where every house is an ex-council house, or a current council house. Usually, the windows of these houses are draped with west ham flags, page 3 of the sun or a "hapy 21st birthday" poster for someone who turned 21 six months ago. Unfortunately, some of my family used to live there in the sixties.
The dagenhamite can't afford a new fiesta because he lost his job at the ford factory.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 29, 2004
57 45
Yes yes Dagenham is the ghetto
the best place 2go wen u feelin lo. ur bound 2find sumfin 2pick u up.
by Crack Head Carly October 26, 2003
27 38
where ya com wen ya dreams r shattered and ur on da edge.
person "yo man where is u at"
dagenham person "i is in da ghetto"
person "heavy sh*t man"
by Smack Head Shell October 17, 2003
13 39