When you are afraid of saying fuck!
Dag !, I forgot my homework!
by Charlie =) April 02, 2008
1)A word of all positive meaning.
2)Awesome, gnarley, sweet as hell, etc. etc.
3)The anthisis of dak
"Woah, I just pulled a back flip on my skis"
"That's so dag man"
by TheDuane June 05, 2004
a generic term of contempt usually for a female. (if used on a male confers an even greater degree of contempt)

Abbreviation of daggit (a dog-like pet from Battlestar Galactica TV series in the 1980's)

Mostly used as one would use "dog", in referring to an ugly, scraggy bitch.
Debbie? I wouldn't fuck that dag with Tony's dick!"
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada December 09, 2007
Originates from a southern language of slang. Can be used as a word of exclamation or adjective.
Dag, your good at Halo 2.
What is up with the dag on elevator!?
by NotACoolName April 13, 2005
Short for Day After Gas, DAG is the gas that you sometimes have in the morning (generally around noon) after a good night of drinking.
Holy cow, I am hungover and have a bad case of DAG.
by Andrew Baxley September 14, 2007
Darn. A word to show detest or slight to extreme anguish.
I got an F on that English test. Dag!
by MM March 15, 2005
A really good guitar player who contorts their face while they play.
Man did you see Poi Dog Pondering last night the guy who played guitar was so Dag. He dagged on every solo. I have never seen someone who dags as much as he does. Man that new axe player is such a Dagger.
by Dag Fan November 08, 2004
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