An Australian slang term.
A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheeps tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.
It is not necessarily a derogatory term in modern useage.
I'm a bit of a dag today, I'm wearing my trackie-daks
by Random September 03, 2003
the most ultimate "cool" word. comes from Australia, where it means an amusing, funny, odd person. Translated to mean "cool" in Portland, OR. (i.e. one of the oddest, and funniest, cities in the United States) USE IT NUCCA
awesome, sweet, i like that, yes. It's dag.
by Treehug June 15, 2009
another name for a cigarette. could also replace the word smoke, when referring to the habit.
Yo man, could I bum a dag off you?

I'm going outside for a dag.

I can't walk up all of these stairs, I need to quit dagging.
by whatsuptheretoots July 26, 2009
Adam Carolla's friendly nickname for David Alan Grier.
Did you hear DAG on Loveline last night? He sure healed a lot of babies!
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2003
A dog, as pronounced by a fuckin' pikey.
You like dags?
by Aristoi May 13, 2004
Old word for cool
That is soo Dag
by biatch1018 March 08, 2009
1) Something that is piercing, through insightfulness or pathos.
2) Of a booty: large to the point of intimidation.
1) Will there ever be another play as dag as Waiting for Godot?
2) I couldn't talk to her; that donk was too dag.
by Mizo11111 June 21, 2011
Chewing Tobacco

To take a dip of chew.
Doag went and took a dag after lunch.
by Dylan Maddox March 10, 2011

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