going from the new zealand meaning - a clown
term used to describe people with a good sense of humour and can actually take a joke!!!
Guy Sebastian's Dag Squad - a group created by dag girl for daggy Guy Sebastian and hot30 fans - dag rankings done by dag girl aka queen dag
"you're such a dag"
"daggus mcshwaggus" - nicknames
"schwiggity shwag diggity dag" - language of the dag squad
also dagette - term for a partial female dag (usually for girls under 16 lol)
Guy Sebastian is the king of the dags
One who is a SKANK.
Does dirty unthinkalbes on dreamland.
Gives guys head on demand.
Fucks thier best friends boyfriends.
Uglier then sin.
Has no boobs/butt.
Chubby munchkinn, who isnt cute.
Resembles a paralelegram.
No friends.

(used only in rothesay.. and parts of quispam)
Ouchhh, that girls a DAG.
Oh my giddy gods trousres, did you hear about that DAG and brennan?
That DAG has gone too far this time, did you hear about mike benson?
OMG, that girls such a DAG she doesnt even need to wear braws.
by Colin . August 06, 2008
Adam Carolla's friendly nickname for David Alan Grier.
Did you hear DAG on Loveline last night? He sure healed a lot of babies!
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2003
another name for a cigarette. could also replace the word smoke, when referring to the habit.
Yo man, could I bum a dag off you?

I'm going outside for a dag.

I can't walk up all of these stairs, I need to quit dagging.
by whatsuptheretoots July 26, 2009
A dog, as pronounced by a fuckin' pikey.
You like dags?
by Aristoi May 13, 2004
Chewing Tobacco

To take a dip of chew.
Doag went and took a dag after lunch.
by Dylan Maddox March 10, 2011
Old word for cool
That is soo Dag
by biatch1018 March 08, 2009
an australian term meaning a dickhead or loser. mostly used for taking the piss out of someone.
Mum: oh sweetie your such a dag!!
daughter: no I'm not I'm just weird
by dagster March 20, 2014

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