going from the new zealand meaning - a clown
term used to describe people with a good sense of humour and can actually take a joke!!!
Guy Sebastian's Dag Squad - a group created by dag girl for daggy Guy Sebastian and hot30 fans - dag rankings done by dag girl aka queen dag
"you're such a dag"
"daggus mcshwaggus" - nicknames
"schwiggity shwag diggity dag" - language of the dag squad
also dagette - term for a partial female dag (usually for girls under 16 lol)
Guy Sebastian is the king of the dags
1. A turd hanging off the rear end of a sheep (caught in the fleece).

2. Someone who is daggy, i.e. uncool. This can be meant insultingly or affectionately. (Much like that other well-known Australianism, "you old bastard".) On the face of it, it's an insult, but there are ways in which it is seen as admirable to be a dag – having one's own style, not caring for public opinion, being outrageous, being a source of friendly amusement, being original.
1. "About time the farmer cut off those dags."

2. (a) Insulting: "I wouldn't go out with him, he's the biggest dag around."

(b) Affectionate: "She's such a dag, we always have heaps of fun."

3. Comedian John Clarke's character on New Zealand and later Australian radio, Fred Dagg, so named for obvious reasons.
by SnakyPoet December 06, 2007
An Australian slang term.
A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheeps tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.
It is not necessarily a derogatory term in modern useage.

It can also refer to a Person who is a bit zany in antics in a loveable way
I'm a bit of a dag today, I'm wearing my trackie-daks

I like Uncle David he is abit of a "dag"

Source: Random, Sep 3, 2003
by Razzman July 21, 2005
the longer hair at the top of an animals rear legs,especially sheep,where excrement may collect.
the sheep need dagging,they are covered in crap
the sheep need their dags cut
by kkattastic November 04, 2009
1. (v.) to stab with a dagger
2. (v.) to offer a relevant insult in a joking manner

Synonyms: stab, roast
1. "A man was arrested last week in Boston for dagging three innocent people."
2. "You better be prepared to get dagged for that awful speech you made this morning."
by m8gag9 July 09, 2016
the most ultimate "cool" word. comes from Australia, where it means an amusing, funny, odd person. Translated to mean "cool" in Portland, OR. (i.e. one of the oddest, and funniest, cities in the United States) USE IT NUCCA
awesome, sweet, i like that, yes. It's dag.
by Treehug June 15, 2009
One who is a SKANK.
Does dirty unthinkalbes on dreamland.
Gives guys head on demand.
Fucks thier best friends boyfriends.
Uglier then sin.
Has no boobs/butt.
Chubby munchkinn, who isnt cute.
Resembles a paralelegram.
No friends.

(used only in rothesay.. and parts of quispam)
Ouchhh, that girls a DAG.
Oh my giddy gods trousres, did you hear about that DAG and brennan?
That DAG has gone too far this time, did you hear about mike benson?
OMG, that girls such a DAG she doesnt even need to wear braws.
by Colin . August 06, 2008
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