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A shit-hole town located on the east of Pasco County, in east Florida that is full of illegals, drug-ees, rednecks, uppedy fucks, and the occasional average joe. There isn't really anything to do there either, so most kids just get really drunk or really high, and go to Pasco High School's sporting events, or parties. Most people never get out of the town, and their kids live the same lives as them. The only semi-important thing is PHCC east campus, which is the local community college.
Kid 1: "What do you wanna do tonight?"
Kid 2: "I don't know, there isn't anything to do in Dade City, i guess thats why they call it Dead Shitty."
Kid 1: "True that. Wanna just get baked then go to the softball game?"
Kid 2: "Why not? Nothing else to do."
by Mr. Big John Dombrowski April 03, 2011
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