An expression to refer to a generic individual, generally male, for whom you have little respect. Can easily replace "shorty," "cool", "Johnny", "that dude", etc.
John and Phil were able to find an angel investor for their dorm room start-up, an apparent expert in the field. But next thing they knew, Daddy Warbucks forced them out, commandeered the assets, and liquidated the company
by Carl Norris Johnson September 07, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who is rich enough to pay for someone else's expenses, either in a large lump sum or over a long time. Can either be permanent (a rich relative or pimp) or temporary (someone spotting a friend).
Peirce gave a $25,000 check to his ex-step-daughter to be his daughter for the day. She referred to him as her Daddy Warbucks when telling Jeff. (From Community S1E18)
by dan4ster March 16, 2010
A tall bald mature wealthy jewish man, that showers his wealth on young girls.
Oy, Daddy Warbucks will buy me that?!
by KweenKarima August 15, 2008
The bald guy off of Annie. He spoiled her by day and she gave him blowjobs by night. He is also the father of Dahv, the latest craze!
"Oh I love you Daddy Warbucks!" (said by Annie)
by Polarx January 06, 2005
Some one who lives in La La land when it comes to money, work and being an adult. Usually talks about money and jewelry at all times. Sometimes brags about how much money he has but never buys his own drink. Also known as a cheap bastard
Person 1: Carl is such a Daddy Warbucks he's always babbling about his new $20,000 watch that is obviously fake and cost $150. When will he get a grip on reality?

Person 2: Never he's 45 and his parents still pays his rent.
by Alex the Entertainer July 28, 2009
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