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Any female (teen or grown up woman) who's UNUSUALLY close to her father. She's typically spoiled and bratty. Usually marries a push-over kinda guy that will treat her like her dad does. Any female who relies solely on daddy to pay for anything. Including rent, bills, ect. Where do you think the term "sugar daddy" comes from.
Daddy's girl: "I'm going to Paris this week wanna come?"

Friend: "No I have to work. I'm not a daddy's girl."
by Me September 16, 2005
a girl who is able to control her parents especially her daddy, get what she wants when she wants it.
i want a new car, here you go dear, not a problem... you did want the new golf gti, dont worry bout the insurance,,, sorry dady i drove the car into a wall can i have a new one,, of cause dear,,, i would not want you driving round in anthing less
by bogger June 03, 2005
A girl (adult or child) who has a strong bond with her father, typically the bond to her father is stronger than the bond to her mother, the term may sometimes infer that she's been spoiled as a child.
I guess I'm a daddy's girl because we're really close.
by Thisbasebelongstome November 15, 2015
Referring to adolescent girls who act sexy and grown up, but still obey rules from they're parents.
Those tights are just a bunch of daddy's girls.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
A phrase used to describe a female who is sexual with a man who fathers a child. Any man who has a child can use the saying as a "pet" name for his lover.
Come here baby. You know your Daddy's girl.
by Annelize October 13, 2005
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