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Da Love Sponge is a person so sweet and charming not to mention magnetic and captivating, that they soak up and attract others, with their enchanting ways... soaking up love like a sponge.. hence.. da love sponge... A favorite pet can also be called a love sponge.. but is mainly used for ravishingly beautiful females.
A ravishing and sweet mannered female.. a companion pet that likes to snuggle down into your lap and be pet and babied.. awwwww.. da loooovvvvvvvvvee sponge!
by Jill February 12, 2005
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When one male seeks one female in intercorse, and the only thing stopping him is DRYNESS.....simply grab a luv sponge and have a "slippery when wet" of a time
Slip N' Slide
by Brittney May 16, 2004

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