The fuckin truth. I would bet a lot that he could bitch any fucking rapper like Cassidy, or some fat bitch like Fat Joe. He is a beast and his Kamikazi Diss 2 is the sickest diss I've ever heard.
DZK bitches all of the gay white rappers on soundclick
by goonie April 05, 2005
Top Definition
DZK is the greatest rapper of all time. His lyrics are phenomenal and his flow is miraculous. His songs depict heaven in the music form. Listening to DZK is the equivalent to having sex with Carmen Electra.
I'm called the carn-iv-or-ous cause of carnage, causing
casualities, carrying crippled carcasses, casually
rabidly ripping and ravaging rancid flesh rapidly
frantically feasting faster to finish it, actually

an animal's mechanically a cannibal naturally
I'm just acting on behalf of my insanity's savagery
I can't seem to manage or handle humanity happily
it's like, Newton's apple trying to grapple with gravity
by Kim February 26, 2005
a very talented rap artist
He can sure rap good, he's a DZK,
by Edwin October 25, 2003
A rapper with very complex rhyme schemes, metaphores and can make good story tracks when he tries. His music can get a little bit repetitive as he usually raps with a horrorcore style, however he does good comedy songs and has great punchlines in diss tracks. He could come off more versatile if he strayed away from his normal styles but regardless of any of that he is very entertaining.
"DZK's multies are crazy dude."
by UnbiasedDefiner October 10, 2005
a really good emcee
Did you hear his multiz? He's a DZK!
by Edwin October 25, 2003
a rap artist, my love
YO dawg, i wanna bang DZK man, hes my heart.
by white matt October 26, 2003
An underground hip hop artist ALMOST as talented as D Boone
His DZK style is close to D Boone
by Mic Well October 12, 2007
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