Do you think.../?
1) DYT that my favorite team will win the finals?
2)guy1: Do you like Bewbs?
guy2: DYT?
by niviman January 19, 2015
"Do you think..."
"DYT he's going to do that?"
by Katchya March 12, 2012
acronym for "dont you think?" or "dontcha think" usually told after someone shows a sign of stupidity
how does this blender work?
well you have to plug it into the wall first dyt?
by dinky boo January 02, 2011
Delicious Yummy Tasty.

used to describe especially hot guys from a far, esp. when they may hear.
"hey, did you see the guy in the blue hat over there?"
"Wait, Blue Hat?!"
"He's *such* a DYT!!"
by CB and SB April 06, 2010
Said while stretching or said after a dumbass remark. Stretch out or say fast in an appopriate situation. (ex.Dyyyyyytttttt)
Marcus: Are there 2 halves in basketball?

"You": DYT!!!
by Spanish Dichio May 21, 2006

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