Dvd is a street name for pills often used in phone conversations (and other insecure situations).
*Over the phone*

User: Hey man can I get 20 copies of that new dvd?
Dealer: Sure.
by Falkinor November 25, 2006
a slang term for the use of marijuannah, aka:weed, pot. Reffered to as "watching DVDs". This code was made up in the early millenium and is used around school grounds or at home to avoid parents or authority figures aka: police, teachers. to know what they are talking about.
"Dana and lisa are watching DVD's with Spears becasue thats all she does with her life"
by Lisasdfw8uh November 19, 2005
1. A three-some with too guys

aka Dick-Vagina-Dick
Person 1: "I had great DVD last night."
Person 2: "Damn girl, where did you find two guys into that?"
by asianwomen June 08, 2014
If your a girl and you have a DVD it is a threesome with 2 males
Damn! I had a DVD with Adam and Liam yesterday. Rocked my world.
by La221990 June 03, 2014
Deja-Voo - Digital

When you know you've seen a movie before, but can't think of when or where.
Henry: OMG! I know this movie! but from where...?
Lisa: I don't know, but shut up!
Henry: But now this is gonna bug me all night!
Lisa: Oh, would you just get over your stupid DVD allready!!!!
Henry: HUMPH!
by Hush... November 01, 2010
stands for distance very decieving.Applicable when looking at this chick which loooks good from far but when u get closer..u really she's just one ugly mo'fo.

Educated person#1: That chick is a 'dvd', she llooooked so fiiiine from a distance. Guess its just bad 'genes'.
by Matt supersta July 14, 2006
What a non-techie calls any movie nowadays.
Come on over later, we'll be watching DVD or maybe The Dish
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
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