A preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria.
"You tryin' to watch some DVDs?" (i.e. Would you prefer to smoke the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC and are sometimes smoked in cigarettes for their intoxicating effect?)

Ace, Acapulco Gold, Acapulco Red, Afgani Indica, African, African Black, African Bush, African, Woodbine, Airplane, Angola, Ashes, Assassin of Youth, Astro Turf, Atshitshi, Aunt Mary, Baby, Baby Bhang, Babysitter, Bad Seed, Bale, Bamba, Bambalachacha, Bammy, Bar, Bash, Belyando, Spruce, Bhang, Black, Black Bart, Black Ganga, Black Gold, Black Gungi, Black Gunion, Blanket, Blaze, Block, Blond, Blonde, Blowing Smoke, Blue de Hue, Blue Sage, Blue Sky, Blunt, Bo, Bobo, Bo Bo Bush, Bohd, Bomber, Boo, Boo Boo Bama, Boom, Broccoli, Brown, Bubble Gum, Buds, Bullyon, Burnie, Bush, Butter, Butter Flower, C.S., Cam Trip, Cambodian Red/Cam Red, Can, Canadian Black, Canamo, Canappa, Cancelled Stick, Cannabis Tea, Carmabis, Catnip, Cavite All Star, Cest, Charas, Charge, Cheeba, Cheeo, Chemo, Chicago Black, Chicago Green, Chira, Chocolate Thai, Christmas Bud, Christmas Tree, Chronic, Chunky, Churos, Citrol, Clima, Cochornis, Colas, Coli, Coliflor Tostao, Colorado Cocktail, Columbia, Columbia Red, Columbian, Colombo, Columbus Black, Cosa, Crazy Weed, Cripple, Crying Weed, Cryppie, Cryptonie, Culican, Dagga, Dajja, Dank, Dawamesk, Dew, Diablito (Spanish), Diambista, Dimba, Ding, Dinkie Dow, Dipped Joints, Dirt Grass, Dirties, Dirty Joints, Ditch, Ditch Weed, Djamba, Do A Joint, Domestic, Don Jem, Don Juan, Dona Juana (Spanish), Dona Juanita (Spanish), Donk, Doob, Doobee, Doobie, Dope, Dope Smoke, Doradilla, Draf, Draf Weed, Drag Weed, Dry High, Dube, Dubie, Duby, Durong, Duros (Spanish), Dust, Earth, El Gallo ("Rooster"), Elephant, Endo, Esra, Fallbrook Redhair, Fatty, Feeling, Fine Stuff, Finger, Finger Lid, Fir, Firewood, Flower, Flower Tops, Fraho/Frajo, Freefo, Fu, Fuma D'Angola (Portugese), Gage/Gauge, Gange, Gangster, Ganja, Garbage, Gash, Gasper, Gasper Stick, Gates, Gauge Butt, Geek, Geek-Joints, Get a Gage Up, Get High, Get the Wind, Ghana, Giggle Smoke, Giggle Weed, Gimmie, Go Loco, Goblet of Jam, Gold, Gold Star, Golden, Golden Leaf, GOM (Good Old Marijuana), Gong, Gonj, Good Butt, Good Giggles, Good Stuff, Goody-Goody, Goof Butt, Gorge, Grass, Grass Brownies, Grasshopper, Grata, Greek, Green, Green Buds, Green Goddess, Greens, Greeter, Gremmies, Greta, Griefo, Griefs, Grifa (Spanish), Griffa, Griffo, Gunga, Gungeon, Gungun, Gunja, Gunjah, Gyve, Haircut, Hanhich, Happy Cigarette, Happy Stick, Harsh, Has, Hash, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Black, Hawaiian Homegrown Hay, Hay, Hay Butt, Hemp, Herb, Herb and Al, Herba, Hit, Hit the Hay, Hocus, Homegrown, Honey blunts, Hooch, Hooter, Hot Stick, Hydro, Hydrogrows, Illies, Illing, Illy, Indian Boy, Indian Hay, Indian Hemp, Indica, Indo,
Indonesian Bud, Instaga, Instagu, J, Jamaican Gold, Jamaican Red Hair, Jay, Jay Smoke, Jane,Jim Jones, Jive, Jive Stick, Johnson Grass, Joint, Jolly Green, Jonjem, Joy Smoke, Joy Stick, Ju-Ju, Juan Valdez (Spanish), Juanita (Spanish), Juice Joint, Juja, Jumbos, Kabak, Kaff, Kalakit, Kali, Kansas Grass, Kate Bush, Kawaii Electric, Kaya, KB, Kee, Kentucky Blue, Key, KGB, Khayf, Ki, Kick Stick, Kief, Kif, Kiff, Killer, Killer Green Bud, Killer Weed, Kilter, Kind, Kind Bud, King Bud, Kona Gold, Krippy, Kryptonite, Ktutchu String, Kumba, L.G. (Lime Green), L.L., Lace, Lakbay Diva, Laughing Grass, Laughing Weed, Leaf, Leak, Leno (Spanish), Lid, Liesca, Light Green, Lime Green, Light Stuff, Lima, Liprimo, Little Smoke, Llesca, Loaf, Lobo, Loco (Spanish), Loco Weed (Spanish), Locoweed, Log, Loose Shank, Love Boat, Love Leaf, Love Weed, Lovelies, Lubage, M, M.J., M.O., M.U., Macaroni, Machinery, Macon, Maconha, Mafu (Spanish), Maggie, Magic Dragon, Magic Smoke, Manhattan Silver, Mari, Mari Jane, Marimba (Spanish), Mary, Mary & Johnny, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, Mary Worner, Matchbox, Maui Wauie, Maui Wowie, Meg, Megg, Meggie, Messorole, Mexican Brown, Mexican Green, Mexican Locoweed, Mexican Red, Mez, Mezz, Mighty Mezz, Mo, Moahsky, Mocoha, Modams, Mohasky, Mohasty, Monte, Mooca/Moocah, Moocha, Mooster, Moota/Mutah, Mooters, Mootie, Mootos, Mor A Grifa, Mota, Mother, Mu, Muggie, Muggle, Muggles, Muta, Mutah, Mutha, Nail, Nigra, Northern Lights, Number, O.J., Oit, P.R., Pack, Pack A Bowl, Pack Of Rocks, Pakaloco, Pakalolo, Pakistani Black, Panama Cut, Panama Gold, Panama Red, Panatella, Pasto, Pat, Philly Blunts, Pin, Pocket Rocket, Pod, Poke, Pot, Potlikker, Potten Bush, Prescription, Pretendica, Pretendo, Puff, Queen Ann's Lace, Ragweed, Railroad Weed, Rainy Day Woman, Rangood, Rasta, Rasta Weed, Red Bud, Red Cross, Red Dirt, Reef, Reefer, Righteous Bush, Rip, Roacha, Rockets, Root, Rope, Rose Marie, Rough Stuff, Rubia, Rugs, Salad, Salt And Pepper, Sandwich Bag, Santa Maria, Santa Marta, Sasfras, Schwagg, Scissors, Scrub, Seeds, Sen, Sess, Sezz, Shake, Siddi, Sinse, Sinsemilia, Skunk, Skunkweed, Smoke, Smoke A Bowl, Smoke Canada, Snop, Spliff, Splim, Square Mackerel, Stack, Stems, Stick, Sticky Icky, Stinkweed, Stoney Weed, Straw, Stuff, Sugar Weed, Super Grass, Super Pot, Swag, Sweet Lucy, T, Taima, Takkouri, Tea, Tex Mex, Texas Pot, Texas Tea, Thai Stick, Thirteen, Thumb, Torch, Trauma, Tray, Trees, Triple A, Trupence Bag, Tustin, Twenty Six Red, Twist, Twistum, Unotque, Viper Weed, Wake and Bake, Wacky Tobaccky, Wake and Bake, Weed, Weed Tea, Whack, Whackatabacky, Whackyweed, Wheat, White Russian, White-Haired Lady, Weeee Doggies!, Woo Blunts, Yeh, Yellow Submarine, Yen Pop, Yerba (Spanish), Yerhia, Yesca, Yesco, Ying, Zambi, Zig Zag Man, Zol, 420
by C. Doodles April 30, 2006
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Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Video Disc

A type of storage device, shaped like a CD (compact-disc), but more powerful and rife with storage space, and useful for countless applications, such as movies.
"DVD's are cool because they have so many extras."
by Dave April 16, 2004
Digital video disk; a type of compact disc that holds far more information than the CD-ROMs that are used for storing music files. A DVD can hold a minimum of 4.7 GB, enough for a full-length movie. MPEG-2 is used to compress video data for storage on a DVD. DVD drives are backward-compatible and can play CD-ROMs.

DVD-R/W was the first DVD recording format released that was compatible with standalone DVD Players.
DVD-R is a non-rewriteable format and it is compatible with about 91% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.
DVD-RW is a rewriteable format and it is compatible with about 74% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.
DVD-R/W supports single side 4.7 GB* DVDs(called DVD-5) and double side 9.4 GB* DVDs(called DVD-10).

DVD+R/W has some better features than DVD-R/W such as lossless linking and both CAV and CLV writing.
DVD+R is a non-rewritable format and it is compatible with about 86% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.
DVD+RW is a rewritable format and is compatible with about 74% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs.
DVD+R/W supports single side 4.7 GB* DVDs(called DVD-5) and double side 9.4 GB* DVDs(called DVD-10).

DVD+Recordable defines a standard for recordable DVD drives and media defined by the DVDRW Alliance. Often called "plus R", the format is write once (compared to DVD+RW wich can be erased and rewritten). The single sided discs can hold 4,700,000,000 bytes (4.38 Gigabytes at 1024 bytes to the kilobyte) with double sided discs holding twice as much. There are no dual layer single sided recordable discs.

DVD-Recordable defines a standard for recordable DVD drives and media defined by the DVD Forum. Often called "minus R", the format is write once (compared to DVD-RW wich can be erased and rewritten). The single sided discs can hold 4,700,000,000 bytes (4.38 Gigabytes at 1024 bytes to the kilobyte) with double sided discs holding twice as much. There are no dual layer single sided recordable discs.
I need some new DVD to burn My Games On to
by Lord British December 13, 2004
When a guy asks a girl round to watch a DVD when he knows they're gonna have sex (the girl usually thinks they're going to watch a film):

"Do you wanna come round and watch a DVD?"
"Yeah sure"
Guy: (thinks):
Deep Vaginal drilling!

Kinda like a Booty call but more subtle
by Purple1 April 18, 2011
Digital Versatile Disc

The Ultimate in Home Video Formats
Movie Buff: "Damn, this DVD is flawless!"
by SuperSonicX June 04, 2005
A storage medium capable of holding gigabytes of computer data or hours of high-resolution video. Was considered to be uncrackable by the RIAA and the MPAA until DVD rewritable drives were mass-produced.
Thanks to my new DVD-RW drive, I can finally burn all the bootleg movies I download from the Internet.
by AYB June 27, 2003
1. Digital Versatile Disk - the most common medium used for video entertainment. Replaced the VHS in this role. Many DVDs will have exclusive supplementary bonus features.

2. Common abbreviation of "Dick van Dyke", the popular screen actor

When Dick van Dyke appears in a movie on Digital Versatile Disk, it is sometimes known as a DVD DVD.
1. "Hey John! Wanna rent a video?"
"Fuck that! I'll get a DVD!"

2. "This movie is the shizzle! It's got DVD in!"

by pushtheenvelope February 25, 2007
A three-some involving two guys and one girl. Hence the two D's and one V.
John: Dude I just had a DVD with some girl and her boyfriend.
Bill: A DVD?
John: Yeah two D's and one V.
by For your awkward questions June 03, 2014

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