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cheap ass cigars used for rolling marijuana.(vanilla dutch and peach whitie<---good shit)
yo i want some flavor with my blunt tonite, go get a vanilla ducth or a peach whitie.
by ahmed September 11, 2003
shells,used to smoke weed
i just bought some shells now i got go get the chronic!!!
by Jackie July 29, 2004
it is a cigar that should be rolled up wit weed...... suut niggah
yo get that shit out the blunt lets blow it
by north philly smoker July 01, 2003
i think it is a brownish paper rolled into a stick figurerish type of thang dude
yo dun pass me a blunt,suut and while u at dat get me a extra big azz blunt and 4sweet suut now round here we call dis triple case of smoking niggah
by Anonymous July 01, 2003