Some areas, people say hella or mad. Majority of the Yankees preferably BK and BX say DUMB.
Shaniqua : - walks past -
Day'Quan : yooo, you look dumb good shorty.
by nizz September 07, 2004
All you of you people are dumb, Dumb simply is a kickass song by Nirvana, full of emotion.
I listened to Nirvana last night, they kickass, Dumb is a great song.
by Nirvana January 12, 2005
Pretty okay stuff. Similar to the slang use of the word bad.
I went to the concert last night. That shit was dumb.
by slonob February 01, 2004
Person who is extremely attractive.
"Did you see that chick with the smokin body?"
"Yeah, that body was dumb!"
by Charlie Willcox March 17, 2007
an amaizment of a situation, a way to influince on what happened, "can't believe it"
"DUMB ninj, the show was bad ass."
"DUMB guess wut happened"
by MOKtheNINJA September 19, 2003
Being moronic and or stupid
most people are dumb sometimes
by Asmodean February 18, 2003
someone who says stupid stuff all the time but very funny person. their dumb. they brove alot
audriana: but i won't be able to breath in that.

hayley: well i brove!

taylor: hahaaha hayley your so dumb
by rengaw yelyah March 21, 2009

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