really or mad
...damn dat nigga bounced dumb quick.
by Annette March 04, 2004
You, for not knowing what "dumb" means.
You: What does dumb mean?

Me: You're so dumb!
by $20 Guy June 10, 2009
Dumb. 1) n. A species of desert-dwelling fish known for its perplexingly illogical physiology and its obtuse psychology. Notably, a famous dumb named Romosome is on display in the #finalfight Museum of Aeronautics. 2) adj. Having traits comparable to such a fish.
This article is dumb.
by not anybody at all March 22, 2007
Lack of intelect. Duh!
Person 1:Your dumb.

Person 2:I am not stupid!
by Who am i?555 December 04, 2010
Some areas, people say hella or mad. Majority of the Yankees preferably BK and BX say DUMB.
Shaniqua : - walks past -
Day'Quan : yooo, you look dumb good shorty.
by nizz September 07, 2004
All you of you people are dumb, Dumb simply is a kickass song by Nirvana, full of emotion.
I listened to Nirvana last night, they kickass, Dumb is a great song.
by Nirvana January 12, 2005
Pretty okay stuff. Similar to the slang use of the word bad.
I went to the concert last night. That shit was dumb.
by slonob February 01, 2004
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