Of or relating to a lack of knowledge.
I was going to ask my friend for help with homework, but I remembered that she failed last weeks quiz, and therefore must be dumb.
by Amanda W June 02, 2005
while most people would find this quite offending I believe it to be true. A PERFECt example of dumb would be....... Jessica Sipmson
"Is this chicken or tuna?" - Jessica Simpson
by feartehkitteh November 14, 2004
Anyone dumb enough to look up the word dumb.
Sadly you are now to dumb.
by WhyArYouReadingThis April 22, 2015
Lacking of intelligence.
Brandon is the creator of dumb. It wouldn't be there if not for him! You know why? 'Cause he's dumb.
by PassionPenguin November 29, 2011
dumb ass
He is such a dumb's, he doesn't know how to spell Spurlock's name!
by ai poppi December 07, 2009
You're really stupid!
You're fucking dumb as crap.
by Neil Thebest November 04, 2015
Acronym for
Doobies Under My Bed
"Yo i got DUMB!"
by Looah August 21, 2011

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