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crazy, unbelievable
this nigga'z got dumb skillz

he'z got dumb luck with these girlz
by smokaz delite August 06, 2003
Dormant Unresponsive Malleable Boner
Its not hard, its not long, its just D.U.M.B.
by the Acronym guy August 07, 2009
A retarded way of saying "dumb"- emphasis on the B.
"That's dum-b"
"You're dum-b"
by Chelz and MeL March 30, 2005
Dumb means alot, or very.
(originated in Longwood High School)
" Dude i am dumb high right now"
" You guys are being dumb loud"
by ftbalh1894 June 26, 2009
Deep Underground Military BaseS
Paul: What the hell are those weird underground booming noises people keep hearing?

Frank: Fedgov is building DUMBS in case of of sum kinda disaster.

Paul: What kinda disaster?

Frank: I dunno. It's a State Secret.
by Nimadan October 20, 2012
Lacking the ability to speak
I wish you were dumb, then i wouldn't have to listen to you talking pish all day.
by Steroozi May 29, 2004
while most people would find this quite offending I believe it to be true. A PERFECt example of dumb would be....... Jessica Sipmson
"Is this chicken or tuna?" - Jessica Simpson
by feartehkitteh November 14, 2004