Acronym meaning "Do the math"

Usually used when a person starts talking about lots of numbers and expects the other person to figure out what it means on his or her own.
Jim: Dude why aren't you doing anything?

Bob: I'm downloading 5 different 150 megabyte files simultaneously at under 500 KB/S. Dtm.

Jim: Sucks for you! Get better internet.
by Wurmish May 03, 2011
Top Definition
Stands for "Doin too much." When an individual takes on more than can be handeled. (i.e. tasks, conversations, commitments,etc.)
Driving, talking on the phone, smoking a cigarette, changing the radio station and rolling down the window proved to be DTM when she crashed her car.
by Jesse012379 March 27, 2007
Dead to me...
You're DTM...
by The Oik February 20, 2010
"Down to match", referring to be able to match with someone else on a blunt of cannabis.

Having $5 and wanting to be high.
E-"yo, are you DTM after school?"
S-"I don't know man i'm riding my horse after school."
by dtmman420 May 14, 2009
An acronym for Does That Make Sense, but also the name of a popular website (www.DoesThatMakeSense.com), which provides customized Online Tutoring & Homework Help to students 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. DTMS?

Ask an Expert at www.DoesThatMakeSense.com
by Kestey June 29, 2010
Doing The Most. To just be doing something that's so crazy and outrageous that there is just no point in it!
If someone is doing something insane just for attention or something they are DTM.
by hellofolks9 July 27, 2010
DTM - Doing The Most
*picks up book sets it in locker* *take book back out of locker* Me: Wow Drew you are DTM!
Drew: Aren't I always?
by MahogzMiller September 29, 2011
Down to meetup
Hey girl on tinder, dtm?
by Smittytricks January 05, 2014

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