Dirty thing for life.
When you aren't sure what it is, no need to get specific with DGFL or DBFL...

Call it what it is: DTFL
Person 1: "Did you hear what she did?"
Person2: "Yeah... talk about a dgfl."
Person 3: "Heck no. That chick is straight up dtfl. No dgfl would be caught dead in that crap."
by jsizzlin November 23, 2009
Top Definition
Dying The Fuck Laughing

(DMV Lingo)
Friend 1: I told him what happened today at school and he was DTFL!
Friend 2: Wtf is DTFL???
Friend 1: Bro! It means Dying The Fuck Laughing!
Friend 2: That makes no sense.
Friend 1: That's the DMV lingo for you like shit.
by ThatOneKidd March 02, 2013
Down To Fuck Legally, an extension of DTF.
On her 18th birthday Bella was finally DTFL.
by HighHeelLover August 01, 2010
Down To Fucking Lift
Me: Izzo you going to the gym today?
Izzo: Hell yeah you know im always DTFL!
by Ham239 November 12, 2010
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