It really means dump that bitch, but Scubiedoo has her mind set on sweaty butt love.
Kill that bitch and DTB!
by roffle January 31, 2005
Dicks This Big

*raises hands in front of body to indicate size*
#dicks #big #this #ratz #cs33
by Ratz33 April 08, 2011
Acronym for Dump That Bitch.
1. "My girl's been stessin' me."
2. "You know what you gotta do, don't you?
1. "What?"
@. DTB.
by Cliffizzle November 14, 2003
An acronym which stands for "down to booyah"
This is typically said either between two sexual partners who would be booyaing, or between friends to say, "f'sho, let's do it."

("A exclamation used when a males genitalia are removed from a female orifice smaller than the genitals creating a suction and subsequent popping sound."
by TheManDanIsCool)
CAITLIN: I think I wanna go to Wendy's for lunch.
NATHAN: Yah?? You DTB?
CAITLIN: Eww..no.
NATHAN: No, I mean LETS GO!!!
#dtb #down to booyah #booyah #down to #do it #lets go #booya #buyah
by Caitlin Perry June 11, 2008
Some retarded damn f***** who killed his mother when he is born. Even as male, he goes through a female's period during puberty and has fish sperm. He is also a total shut-in and what's to be a janitor at Chuckey Cheeses. He also somehow developed a boob, but only one. And it is currently green and infected. Gets drunk off the internet. Thinks he has the almighty Basilikos Axe, though it is just a 2X4 with a nail in it.
There is only one DtB.
by I am me be afraid July 02, 2004
Don't Trust Bitches

A common, biblical term, that all men should follow. Just don't.
Chris: She fully told her what I told her not to.
Marco: Told you man, DTB.
#snake #bitches #trust #don't #women
by CMar69 May 12, 2011
Ditch That Bitch!!!!!!!!!
AKA: Dump That Bitch!

Once I told my friend to "DTB!" and I think the girl actually caught on to what that stood for. My bad Li....faak you!
"You gotta DTB! She's a total snob!"
#bitch #dump #ditch #that #girls
by robbie June 21, 2006
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