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Down To Bop. A bop who is down to fuck.
GUY: "hey baby I heard you're DTF!"

GIRL: "umm no. I'm DTB"

GUY: "damn you a freak!"

GIRL: ;)
by dtbopper May 14, 2011
26 106
Brighter then the rest of everyone on GameFAQs. He hates losers such as the FESBian homo's, Jaybot, random people with numbers at the end of their screen names, and pie. Pie is the best. So is incest!
/made up about the pie being something that he hates... unless he does
PHAIL;D!, random /10's, LUEshi...
by Aden December 24, 2004
6 87
The sexiest 12 year old MMA whore on Gamefaqs. DtB is impossible to kill and keeps coming back with a new account each time, even sexier than he was before.He has a really big Basilikos that he threatens people with.
Oh! Oh! Stick your Basilikos in me, DtB!
by Bill Clinton June 07, 2004
9 90
"Down to Black"

A phrase specifically used to classify none black girls that have a preference to get with or fuck black guys. Girls that are DTB typically are groupies that hang out at parties that consist of alot of black athletes (football/basketball parties), have majority friends that are black, have large ass's, dress like a black girl, etc.
Jessica dresses like a ho , shes gotta be DTB.
by tennisguy324 May 08, 2011
2 84
"Down to Brady"

(as in Brady Bunch)

1. When a person is interested in only hanging out with his brothers/sisters (or, bros and hoes) on the weekends rather than engaging in social activities with new people.

2. When a person is so close to his brother/sister that they appear to be dating or interested in hooking up with one another.
Lady: "My brother and I are going to the liquor store to get stuff for the party tonight."
Friend: "I know you're just trying to get him drunk cause you're DTB".
by Dani416 February 26, 2011
5 87
Down to Blow (give head)
Guy: That girl over there is so DTB
Guy 2: Hell yeah! Bring her home!
by DTBperson November 01, 2011
0 83

It really means dump that bitch, but Scubiedoo has her mind set on sweaty butt love.
Kill that bitch and DTB!
by roffle January 31, 2005
5 89