Ditching The Boys.
The act of going somewhere solo and not inviting the boys or going with a diffrent group of boys and leaving your real boys hanging, this aplies to woman also but it is still called dtb
Chalie: yo where you at we waiting for you
E: Chillin in the city
Charlie: Wtf your supposed to be coming to the party dtb!
by c20 February 07, 2010
"Don't Text Back"
Added to the end of a text message when you don't want the other person to respond.
Usually used when one only has a certain number of text messages per month, and doesn't want to waste one by having somebody give an obvious response to the initial text.
Text Message: "Hey. The game you asked about starts at 7:15. DTB"
by ibman67 September 07, 2008
DtB is short for DartTheBerserker. It is me. Well, it was the name of my account on GameFAQs. I named myself after my favorite character from the video game Fire Emblem. I loved to cause trouble at the Fire Emblem Social Board and I was the enemy there. I got banned though. Ah, good times...
"It's DtB! Get him!
by Derek Khan June 04, 2004
DTB is a term used to describe any girl that is "Down To Bro." These types of girls are the girls that are close friends with you and are basically one of the bros. If a girl is DTB, then she's willing to hang out, drink beer, and do things only bros would do. The alternative to a DTB girl is a DTF girl. Any other girl is not worth the time.
Guy: "Hey, want to come chill with us tonight?"
Girl: "Hell yeah I do, I'll bring the beer."
Guy to his guy friends: "Man, that girl is totally DTB"
by Shambles299 December 09, 2010
DTB is the abbreviation for Down To Blaze. Ready and willing to smoke herb.
I am always mother fucking DTB.
by Z bra May 20, 2006
Down to bang.
Julia and Leah: omggggg eli, are you DTB tonight?
Eli: Yeah I wanna fuck so bad.
by littleleah94 January 16, 2012
Brighter then the rest of everyone on GameFAQs. He hates losers such as the FESBian homo's, Jaybot, random people with numbers at the end of their screen names, and pie. Pie is the best. So is incest!
/made up about the pie being something that he hates... unless he does
PHAIL;D!, random /10's, LUEshi...
by Aden December 24, 2004

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