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Acronym for "Down to Brawl."
Mike: Some dude is wearing a LeBron jersey talking shit about Cleveland
Matt: Fuck that noise. I'm DTB.
Justin: I got your back bro...
by ouoyeah January 21, 2011
DTB=Dead Tree Book, any non-electronic book printed on paper.
I can't get this for my Kindle. Guess, I'll have to go buy a DTB.
by Dutchess Sydney March 30, 2010
Not the brightest crayon in the box.

Don't make him mad, or he'll threaten to draw his Basilikos.
Let's see...who did DtB threaten over the internet this time?
by Kishuna June 04, 2004
Drinking. Tanning. Beach
Jersey shore GTLs, but I DTB.
by hughesy February 23, 2012
DtB is short for DartTheBerserker. It is me. Well, it was the name of my account on GameFAQs. I named myself after my favorite character from the video game Fire Emblem. I loved to cause trouble at the Fire Emblem Social Board and I was the enemy there. I got banned though. Ah, good times...
"It's DtB! Get him!
by Derek Khan June 04, 2004
Abbreviation for the words: "Drink the brew". Meaning to drink large quantities of liquid, but not necessarily to get "tore up".
Cacie: Oh my god! I'm so thirsty.I'm going to dtb.

Ven: Careful you could be pissing for a very long time.
by Naterade June 11, 2007
DTB dee-tee-bee is the abbreviated form of "down to boogie", meaning the urge to dance until one's pants are completely eroded off of one's body.
In a club, you might hear a bro say, "Damn! That bitch looks DTB!"
by FlavaDave17 January 08, 2011