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Down to Absinthe
It is some of the strongest alcohol in the world and has hallucinogens in it. (Up to 85% alcohol by volume)
Persons have known to be seeing extremely strange things.

This expression is used often by Americans in foreign countries, mostly in Europe as Absinthe is illegal in the United States.

It's used in normal speech just as a slang expression. referring to later activities, if one wants to take absinthe later or are ok with it.
Mary: Hey...what's up?
Doug: not much, you DTA tonight?

Mary: Hell yeah, hope i don't think I'm fucking a donkey this time.

Ex 2:
Doug: Hellz yeah brah!
by MDOH July 25, 2010
16 42
Used by WWE Superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, It means Don't Trust Anybody.
DTA, you stupid son of a bitch. Don't Trust Anybody.
by Steve December 22, 2003
339 123
don't trust anyone
by pheel July 28, 2003
281 133
Dont trust anybody. Slogan for WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin
I killed a hoe D.T.A. mother fucker!
by Laurence October 24, 2004
35 15
Someone who whores out a website like and quotes them on message boards with no additional text or message.
Damn, that foo d-ta'd me again quoting urban dictionary on az240! sonofabitch!
by toki March 02, 2005
25 13
Deep Throat and Swallow
DUDE she is totally d-tas status!
DTAS ALL THE WAY!!! its only polite C:
by coolestchiceverrrr January 30, 2009
5 3
don't,turn,around. when a woman is hot from behind but a severe let down when her face is in view.
dave; hey check out the ass on that she's gorgeous
(woman turns around)
ohhhh baby please D.T.A.
by TREBOR24 October 24, 2006
7 5
down to abort. one who is willing to get an abortion, usually referring to the woman
it turns out she wasn't pregnant, but she was dta anyways.
by charliemcchaplin December 22, 2010
24 39