Stands for Dope Stars Inc. One of the best bands out there right now (Only second to AFI). Members: Grace Khold, Victor Love, Alexander and Darin Yevonde.
OMG, I love DSI, they are like, so hot!! si!! DSI e magnifico!
by Mariel April 24, 2005
Top Definition
Nintendo's latest verion of its DS handheld system. Released in 2008 in Japan and 2009 in the rest of the world, it sports an online DSiWare shop where region-specific titles can be downloaded. It also features two 0.3MP VGA cameras, SD card slot, and built-in music player, at the cost of the GBA slot. The system is 12% slimmer, has larger screens, and is over twice as powerful as preceding DS handhelds.
I got my DSi on launch day, along with 1,000 free DSiWare points.

Though not good for photography, the DSi camera is fun for playing with friends.

You can't play Guitar Hero DS on the DSi, but it sucked anyways.
by Ninty Freak April 09, 2009
DSI stands for "Dick Suck Island". Basically referring to a girl taking a guy to any private place (which is considered to be the "island" to imply a sort of seclusion/privacy) to give him oral sex (blow job) without interruption.
Yeah man, we went upstairs and she took me to DSI
by CL-Dante February 15, 2011
An abbreviation to the words "Don't Studdy It" or "Doh Studdy It." Commonly used to mean 'Don't worry about it, or forget about it'

Used mostly in the Caribbean regions and the southern United States
Ryan: Dude, did you know that Katie's dating Lucas
Alexis: What? I'm confused
Ryan: Dsi
by LiiLTootsiepopzz October 27, 2009
A text abbreviation that stands for "Dying Slowly Inside" and is used as the opposite of "lol" or "laugh out loud"
a texted conversation:
"how r u?"


"oh no why?"

bc im going to fail this APUSH test
by Borhild September 26, 2010
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