Dick Sucking Height
bob: "look at that short chick over there"
Jim: "Damn shes perfect DSH
by cooterking June 08, 2010
Top Definition
Abbreviation for the words "Dick sucking hoe". Derived from the nickname of a girl named Heather Smith, who was conveniently nickname "Dick sucking Heather" for giving many guys head at Andover High School
The guy hooked up with a DSH.
DSH is a little sloppy at giving head.
That DSH is a bdl.
by Mr. Get it right April 27, 2009
Dick's So Hard
Andrew: Dude! How about those Mets? DSH!

Anthony: DSFH.
by UltimateBohab December 03, 2015
d- dead s- sexy h- hottie! dsh! DEAD SEXY HOTTIE!
Oh my gosh Mary,look at that dsh!
by *Tayler* November 12, 2007
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