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Acronym: Did Society A Favor. Usually meaning noone will care if someone kill offs a low life scum criminal.
CROOK: Forget you cop, I'll beat the rap.

COP: (shoves gun in crooks mouth) We're in the middle of nowhere, this .38 is clean and there's half a million of them out there. Everyone knows you're a no good scum sucking dealer. With all the other open homicides, I can pop you one right here and now and noone will waste time trying to solve it. It'll be classified under DSAF!
by Eddy May 08, 2007
A fictional name used when all other desirable names for a particular website come back as "taken". Originally created by a frustrated teenager slamming his fist onto a keyboard.
I tried coolkid, coolkid93, ihavbignutz, and about 44 other names. I finally gave up and just went with Dsaf.
by notDsaf June 11, 2010