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Dirty Queer
If you read this you're a DQ
by MyCattMaxx November 04, 2010
11 14
1) Short for DRAG QUEEN.
2) DRAMA QUEEN: A woman who makes a big deal out of everything, cramps the guy's style, whines/cries over bullshit, accuses you of things because she's insecure...basically, your girlfriend for the next few seconds right before you dump her annoying ass.
And if you DON'T dump her??? I hope she keep fuckin uup your life until you learn your lesson.
by Joshiro007 February 23, 2003
27 32
Dressage Queen, a woman who is very much into dressage (an equestrian sport) and very good at it.
She used to ride casually but now she's working with a new trainer and she's a real DQ.
by flyingxpony March 25, 2010
8 15
The act of giving a girl a facial and then pouring sprinkles on top. a.k.a. persian perversion
We went out to dinner and then I gave her a DQ.
by p-cubed June 04, 2009
12 19
Something different.
I'm tired of getting the same food all of the time, let's get DQ.
by Death Sandwich May 03, 2008
10 19
(n.)Discussion Question - a discussion question where the answer is in outline format, usually given in AP US History
I had to do a DQ for homework.
by wtfzor November 13, 2007
11 22
Drama Quota: The amount of Drama a person can have in one day. Drama queens or places of major drama have large DQs, or it is a tactful way to say one is a drama queen
Have you fulfilled your DQ today?
by Carol T June 10, 2006
11 22