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"Dialed Number Recorder". Referenced frequently in HBO's "The Wire", when the cops are talking about getting phone wiretaps on their targets. It records the phone calls that are intercepted.
Get me a DNR on Stringer Bell's cell phone so I can listen to that fucker's calls.
by davidn April 17, 2007
"Did Not Race"

DNR, often called a scratch, in track, refers to instances where an individual withdraws from the race before it begins. Not the same as DQ (or disqualification), in which a runner is removed after the start. Occasionally, in hand-timed races where there are less timers than runners, DNR will be used to indicate that a runner did not finish fast enough to have his/her time recorded.
He must scratched out before the start. It says DNR.
by DukeT November 24, 2010
Do Not Rehire
DNR is often used in places of business where once someone is fired, they are added to this list so in the future they are not rehired.
by patrick2583 March 25, 2010
Damn No Respect
Winning a dance competition and receiving an award with the wrong name on it. DNR!

Receiving the award two years later when it only took two minutes to make and only tagging us on facebook. DNR!

Trying to have sex on someone else's bed with a girl then getting caught by that same person. DNR!

A guy bringing hella guys to his party. DNR!
by Someone with respect! April 25, 2011
Did Not Root; when your mate takes a chick home (or her place) but ends up having a DNM instead of a root.
Did Ganglz get any off that chick he took home?
Na, DNR.
by MBP_DellaZ August 18, 2006
Refers to Derek and Romaine. A popular comedy/sex show on Sirius Satellite Radio. T-shirts and stickers from the show often have a DNR logo.

The show name is usually abbreviated to DNR in writings (forums, comments etc).
Yesterday on DNR they were talking about...
by DNR Listener August 28, 2006
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