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Did Not Impress. Used to describe an action that failed to garnish appreciation or approval from the receiving party.
He really DNI those sorority girls when he flashed his man titties at them.
by easy_there March 20, 2011
A deviantart chat, DNI is an acronym for Death Note Interview, based on the popular series Death Note. Characters from the series (popularly refered to as DNG's in the chat) pop in every now and then to participate in the DNI environment. In DNI general hilarity ensues with little to no instigation. Such instances have included random chatters getting shot, sajoku'd, or one of thefluffyshrimp's 'tea parties'. These Tea Parties usually involve rum-laced tea and the DNG's partaking in it. Then Drunken Randomness ensues, and many times durring the chat a noob will get raeped by Rinnian.
All in all, quite fun.
<FangirlNaima> Where you there for all that crazy shit after the Tea Party?
<crazyfacedloser> YES. DNI rocks! <3
by TEH HEB December 12, 2008

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