Stands for DO NOT ANSWER. Do Not Answer(DNA) list is used to aviod answering phone calls from specific people. DNA list can be used mentally or by adding "DNA-" before the person's name on the phone.
F**k Tom, I am adding him to my phone's DNA list.
Hey Steve, guess who left me a voicemail, DNA-Tom.
by rk_tenn December 31, 2006
Another term of bad hygene; Dick aNd Ass.
Whew Tito, you smell like a bad case of DNA.
by Tito Jaxson March 11, 2006
The genetic makeup of any living thing. When spelled out, the full name of DNA is believed to have over 400,000 letters -- one phrase for each protien.
Using human DNA, scientists may be able to cure diseases and... Stuff.
by YD February 15, 2005

DNA is a band from long island new york and is a great mix between punk and metal (no they r not like good charlotte) LONG LIVE DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DNA is an awsome fuckin band
by FIEF May 07, 2003
Acronym meaning "Dirty Nasty Ass"
Girl 1: That dude over there is a DNA because he enjoys giving and receiving oral.

Girl 2:Damn, I need his number.

Girl 3: You'se a ho!
by Nunya Business March 04, 2004
steamy giz
andy got enough DNA on my bed to make a clone
by popT March 25, 2003
dis negro's attractive
Victor: My DNA stands for "dis negro's attractive"
by sparky May 31, 2004
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