During Menstrual Syndrome; relating to PMS (Pre-mentrual syndrome) and AMS (After-menstrual syndrome), for the woman who is a bitch no matter the time of the month.
She is has got a serious case of DMS, but then again, she's a bitch all month long!
by Tov-Dawg October 18, 2008
the GAYEST middle school know to man

I hate it with a passion.
Joe: "you know mark, right?"
Harry: "yeah, he goes to DMS, he's such a queer"
Joe: "he'd be cool if he went here though"
by robyn:} December 03, 2008
a really gay Americas Army clan that takes it up the ass and are all a bunch of southern hicks. They alll suck at the game and have no life.
{DMS}Gen. Finger: This is ur general speaking..(in a hick accent)
{DMS}Kikaxe: im a 32 yr old man who does nothing but play Americas Army. I work at Denny's yea!!!!1one I have wife n kids but when they talk to me i just say shut up or ill kill u!
{DMS}Gen. Finger: i hold down the talk button on ts so u can hear me cough ^.^
{DMS}Chaos:......IM MEXICAN!
{DMS}0mb: wtf Gen. did u just say come get ur dick sucked? wow ur gay im leaveing.
{DMS}Super_P.O.S.: yea me 2 and not b/c were hacking...FUCKING HICKS
{DMS}Kikaxe: I'd rather play AA then have sex with my wife..i love u general finger.
by Scott...yea u kno the awesome one February 14, 2005

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