(UK): aka Docs. (a pair of) Doc(tor) Marten's, a brand of robust, "sensible" boots that regularly seem to go in and out of fashion with teenagers and particularly students, male and female alike, who want to look down-to-earth.
Alice: Howdy poddner. Say, ah juss dunn gunn got me this hiyer payer of ginn-you-ine DMs! - howja likem?!
Sarah: Why the fake American accent? Cool shoes, by the way!
Alice: Why, aren't they American?
by kofi May 15, 2003
During Menstrual Syndrome; relating to PMS (Pre-mentrual syndrome) and AMS (After-menstrual syndrome), for the woman who is a bitch no matter the time of the month.
She is has got a serious case of DMS, but then again, she's a bitch all month long!
by Tov-Dawg October 18, 2008
Abbreviation: Dank.Moral.Support;
The moral support given to a friend who is smokin the ganja.

Yo creepsta, hook me up with that DMS while I rip this bong
by Dr. Dan K. December 05, 2007
Short for: Door Migrating Syndrome

This is a condition that stays dormant for most of childhood, finally manifesting on the onset of high school. There is no known cure, short of a traumatic social faux pas. However, there is debate that a cure indeed exists, the syndrome having been an integral part of the subject’s life and thus embedded too deep in his or her well being to ever be completely removed. In short, those afflicted by Door Migrating Syndrome are by and large inclined to pursue academic challenges with more vigor than the average person. So much so in fact, that the subject my lose touch with reality, mistakenly believing that they are superior to others for the fact of their studious aptitude. The type-A personality that emerges is both comical and worrisome. While the subject may flaunt their talents in a disgustingly inappropriate manner, they also engage in manipulation, and have been known to play their own friends off each other. As a result, cases of infighting among the DMS have been documented, often ending with no clear cut victor. They are both irrational and systematic. Their greatest weakness is to be found in any electronic device that may aid them in their quest for knowledge. Additionally, there exists for the average DMS a strange attraction to the sea. Whether this arises from confusion in finding the ocean to be lacking doors or an affinity for Poseidon’s pointy trident is unclear. What is known is that they go to great lengths to spend time on these salty waves of solitude. In closing, the reader will note that the DMS is not your typical nerd. They are both ambitious and benevolent creatures. Their anal attitudes are often overlooked in favor of their subtle hilarity, carnivorous cookie appetites, and ability to offer insight into life’s most trivial details.
Teacher: It is clear that Macbeth has conflicting feelings about Duncan’s murder and is not wholly bad. What does he say to indicate that he made conscious choice to forsake morality and that guilt is his greatest obstacle? Can anyone remember?
DMS: Oh I know! “If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly: if the assassination could trammel up the consequence, and catch with his surcease success; that but this blow
might be the be-all and the end-all here…”
Teacher: Very good, that was very impressive, you are absolutely correct-
DMS: “…But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, we'd jump the life to come. But in these cases We still have judgment here; that we but teach Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return To plague the inventor: this even-handed justice commends th' ingredience of our poison'd chalice…”
Teacher: Thank you but I don’t think more will be necess-…
DMS: “…To our own lips. He's here in double trust; first, as I am his kinsman and his subject, strong both against the deed; then, as his host…”
Teacher: That will do
DMS: “…Who should against his murderer shut the door…”
Teacher: Shut your god damn trap
by Scavengella Hunte November 18, 2005
the GAYEST middle school know to man

I hate it with a passion.
Joe: "you know mark, right?"
Harry: "yeah, he goes to DMS, he's such a queer"
Joe: "he'd be cool if he went here though"
by robyn:} December 03, 2008
a really gay Americas Army clan that takes it up the ass and are all a bunch of southern hicks. They alll suck at the game and have no life.
{DMS}Gen. Finger: This is ur general speaking..(in a hick accent)
{DMS}Kikaxe: im a 32 yr old man who does nothing but play Americas Army. I work at Denny's yea!!!!1one I have wife n kids but when they talk to me i just say shut up or ill kill u!
{DMS}Gen. Finger: i hold down the talk button on ts so u can hear me cough ^.^
{DMS}Chaos:......IM MEXICAN!
{DMS}0mb: wtf Gen. did u just say come get ur dick sucked? wow ur gay im leaveing.
{DMS}Super_P.O.S.: yea me 2 and not b/c were hacking...FUCKING HICKS
{DMS}Kikaxe: I'd rather play AA then have sex with my wife..i love u general finger.
by Scott...yea u kno the awesome one February 14, 2005
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