"Die Mutha Fucka"
Used in online gaming.

Also see EMS&DMF
nOOb: I wonder what's behind this corner?
Repo: DMF!!!
nOOb: HOLY SHI...!!!
Repo: Get some! Get some! Get some of this! (while feeding nOOb a healty casing of lead).
by AZN rule! April 28, 2003
Top Definition
Dumb Mother Fucker. noun
Did you see that DMF in the SUV cut me off? WTF?
by Jett Davis June 06, 2005
DMF stands for Dumb Mother-Fucker.
A: This pic of u is gonna get a million lyks!!
B: If u upload dat pic.....imma shove ur hand up my ass.
A: Dude dat sounds wrong!! you DMF!!
by jason.parter February 19, 2011
DMF= Dirty Mexican Flu

The swine flu's nickname
OMG!! I have DMF!!!!
by HockeyLover15 May 09, 2009
1.)To go about your life as if you are mentally ill(but you're not)
That DMFS just light himself on fire and climbed up a tree before the track meet.
by Derek Homme November 17, 2007
Double Middle Fingers-
When one is pist off at a person, situation or the entire world; flying two middle fingers in the air to demonstrate disgust, disdain or hatred.
Girl: My boss was a complete douchebag to me at work today. Wouldn't even talk to me.
Guy: Fuck him. DMF!!!
flying the bird; fuck off; suck my dick
by BiteMe2014 February 16, 2014
Darkmoon Faire, an Europe World of Warcraft server.
Hey buddy i'm from DMF server, and you?
by kakotas7 November 26, 2009
1.) To be the ultimate male.
2.) To deliver more male in a single thrust of the pelvis than the postal service and the pony express in the last 126 years combined.
3.) To mess something up
4. Acronym for coolness
1.) Woa that Guy is so DMFS.
2.) God thats the DMFS pint.
3.) Damn, I totally DMFS'd that.
4.) DMFS, Dave "Mother Fuckin" Slate
by Jb0y09 February 08, 2008
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