A shortened term for "Download". Also there are DL's, DLing, and DL'd. Some refer to it as d/l.
"I need something to DL."
by Felicia January 31, 2003
n. Disabled List. From sports lingo.
Jason Giambi is on the DL after Steinbrenner kicked his ASS for getting off the 'roids.
by fizzle April 02, 2004
1.)A female whore or slut.
2.)A group of guys looking for easy girls.
1.)Damn that girl is a DL.
2.) Lets get the DL crew together tonight.
by Josh Batson July 22, 2009
DL (devastating loss) - any situation or event ends miserably. A major loss or defeat.

Antonym - CV (clutch victory)
"Your favorite basketball team lost by 1 point? Major DL."
"I'm really sorry about that DL!"
by zhangerz7 February 14, 2009
Acronym for "Dragon Lady"

Describes one or more of the following:
A weird teacher who likes dragons
A weird lady that likes dragons

But usually describes:
A weird Sociology teacher who likes dragons and married her cousin from Alabama.
"Dude, I think DL is talking about her inbred husband again..."
"Yeah, that's just creeping me out.."
"Especially with the whole Dungeons and Dragons thing..."
"Fo sho..."
by Fooo April 09, 2008
Short for Drug Lord. A common phrase amoung high school students when looking for a dealer. A DL must always be in stock.
Person 1: You know anyone here who is a DL?
Person 2: I heard Logan has quite a stash.
by Chariot November 14, 2007
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