Cumberland saugaged fingered slag, this slag of a bitch was crowned the queen of our community. She is married to King R of vandalasim. Dorothy was the main organiser of them holocaust and in her will she wants to gased in the shower with King R of vandalasim. She is known to murder cats and poision guests at her royal dinner parties with stale cake and sausage fingers. Shes a KEEN admirer of the famous Arcimboldo. In 2004 she was placed on the sex offenders list after realeasing a press statement of having a sex addiction at the age of 94. She now resides in a small bury.
"I'm starting to worry about"
"Get out of my way peasent"
"i'm a slag my lord"
"ch33k1 munk4ii"
"My books will burn with me"
"I'm only 15 you know"
by btwoski August 30, 2008
Top Definition
Commonly mistaken as a typo for "IDK", and this is understandable since it means the same thing.

An abbreviation of "Deny knowledge and information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth or falsity thereof".

Deny knowledge and information = DKI.
Person 1: "What time does the dance start next friday?"
Person 2: "DKI."
Person 1: "What, you mean IDK?"
Person 2: "No, DKI. Deny knowledge and information."
Person 1: "...Oh."
by Elvawen January 19, 2008
dki is one of the best coutner-strike players alive. he has won many CPL's and is in CALinvite. if you think dki is ownij go in #iDe
WOW! how did dki do that?
by DKI MOHAVI September 27, 2003
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