1. any latino wanna-be professional salsa dancer who wears gay imported clothes and enjoys watching midget porno
2. ass stormtrooper; or bumjuicer
3. homo who calls himself metrosexual, but in fact enjoys giving dome pizzle to men.
I just skeeted on my boyfriend's bum like wanna-be professional salsa dancer DK
by CM June 11, 2004
Doctor's Kid. You know the type: loaded, from "the right side of the tracks."
Man, people like us can't shop at Abercrombie... it's full of DK's and metrosexuals!
by la unica July 05, 2005
The best annoyer out there. ^_-
Originated from 'Deranged Kikyo'.
see annoyer
by Some one joo know March 13, 2004
someone who tries too hard to be something they are definitely not, and in the act, turn out to be nothing but a total fool/loser/retart/rehab/faggot/turd .
that new guy is such a DK, he can't even make any friends!
by Felix April 14, 2005
DK- don't know if gay,bi, or straight.
Are you a DK John?
-I like the way guys look and smell, but i'm not sure if want him to pierce my sphincter. I think i want to bust a cherry.
by spongebobscoony June 16, 2004
dK anoThEr NaMe FoR dErEk. DeReK sTaRtS wItH a D aNd EnDs WiTh a K!!!
hEy WhAtS hApPiNiN dK? nUtHin MuCh WhAts HaPpInIn WhIcH yOu CuZ?
by dM+tM=LuV4EvA February 26, 2005

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