taken in da butt
I heard you got it completely djp last night
by anonymous April 01, 2003
Top Definition
The elusive art of head bobbing, preferrably with a two-frame gif.

Originated in the Overclocked Remix forums.
"I can DJP, can you?"

"What the hell is a DJP?"
by Anonymous February 15, 2005
A DJP is a dj/producer. There are producers. There are DJs. And there are DJ/Producers who get to spin their own music as well as others. They aren't simply just "DJ XYZ"... The producer credit should be acknowledged.
Armin Van Buuren, Avicci, Afrojack are all famous DJPs.
by Headcircus July 04, 2013
Having a sig with nice chick.
Wooowww dude, his sig is completely djp, if ya know what i mean.
by mista bling bling March 31, 2003
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