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DJF (Dirty Joke Friday) : A day in which friends can make dirty jokes all day long without being called out for having a dirty mind. Usually occuring on Friday.
Person 1: "That social test was long and hard."
Person 2: "That's what she said!"
Person 3: "Thank god it's DJF."
by Jael Dakota Duncan February 04, 2011
Dirty Junkie Fatass
Ie a person that is consistently unclean, does massive amounts of drugs, and is clinicially overweight.
"Damn that arkanas/sugarpoop/burrito is a djf" - person 1
"Yeah djf man" - person 2
by djfking July 20, 2006
Depressed jew face, a person with the look of a sad jew.
Look at that guy, he got a DJF.
person a: Sorry to hear about your mom :(
Person b: DJF
by mrajones July 22, 2006
DJF - Shorten for "Depressed Jew Face", Someone with a look of a sad and depressed Jew.
-Look at that guy, he.. got a DJF, in my opinion

-Person A to B: I heard what happened with your father :(
-Person B to A: Yeah, he got boiled (DJF)
by DJFMaster July 24, 2006