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A Fat Black/White person who is confused as to what race he will choose
DJ just pick a race already
by Jose the illegal immegrant February 25, 2010
5 19
girl version of masturbating
I was doing the dj while watching the hot guy next door take a shower
by Caroline Zorthian January 27, 2008
11 25
someone who always has to have the sarcastic and awkwardly annoying comments in every situation, and always has to have the last word. While at a party he is the creepy kid trying to flirt with the ugly girls hot best friend, when that fails he attempts to slip aqua dots (or another form of date rape drug) into the girl's drink, but is later caught and jumped in a dark alley by the douchebag boyfriend.
Yo check out that fucking dj over there, how did he get in?
by the one true BO$$ January 13, 2010
6 21
An acronym that stands for "Dick Jocky". Which basically means someone that rides dicks as if they were riding a horse.
Whats crakin D.J.? You seem to be a latent homosexual. Why do you always stare at that handsome looking man standing over there?
by lets let fags marry eachother April 18, 2010
6 23
The most amazing guy in the world and best boyfriend you'll ever have. He kisses you on the forehead and whispers how much he loves you under new york lights. Just being with him is amazing, waking up next to him is downright bonerific. Once you realize how perfect he is you'll never want to let him go.

He loves music, cars, snowboarding and pigs. He's weird and ridiculous, theres never a boring second with him. Just being in his arms can make your whole day 10 times better. he has the sweetest smile and always does everything right. I love him with all my heart and you should too :)
Dj is the love of my life, i dont know what i would do without him
by itsjustme27 December 24, 2010
7 25
DJ, is a phenonomin of the formation of the secret bond bewteen two people. This bond includes a secret handshake and a very special way of life. All members of the DJ names must begin with the letters D or J and everything they do must also start with D or J. Dinosour jelly is commonly eaten amunst DJ's and their home town google is a great place to listen to songs such as 'I dont want to rock DJ' and 'Murder on the Dance floor' two common songs amusnt DJ's.
To DJ is to be super frekin awesomly cool and to have the power of the secret handshake.. i.e. DJ!! roarrr
by The first official DJ June 23, 2009
3 24
A person trying to make others believe he or she is having a good time hoping everybody will follow.
This DJ looks like he's having a great time, this party is so plastic.
by Myne November 08, 2006
19 43