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DJ, ur being a retard, i mean, why would u put ur hott than put ur own name by it, hello, COMMEN SINCE BOY.. think about it, but of course u dont think about anything before u say it, learn to think first... OR ELSE.. haha, ok well whateva!! c u l8r
by AEP!!! ME! August 21, 2003
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hey dj, sorry to say it but you do think that gurls dig you,
by unkown October 06, 2003
because i can and i dont give a shit about what u say who ever u r
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
hey is kol and hott and sweet nice and sweet
by dj maniscalco August 16, 2003
he is such a loser... he is mean too... stay away from him..
i am DJ, i am a mean butt
by gurleeo July 31, 2003
dj is a fatass who thinks gurls dig him !
by unkown August 23, 2003

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