D-d-d-dino works at Jimmy O's and everyone loves him.
Braden: I love Dino.
Jake: I want his babies.
Amy: He's so funny.
Renee: Danny....
by radsarahrad March 31, 2008
When living in a world filled with lol's and hahahahaha's and rolf's and lmao's, it's hard not to go crazy. If you get annoyed by any of these words you might want to look into using their substitute, Dino.
We tripped that kid, dino.
by Dinokid! December 01, 2009
1.one who is amazingly sexy, sophisticated with much stamina. Dino's tend to be powerful. they are also nymphos.

2. crazy sexual postion that will have you screaming over and over.

3.A deep penetration of the heart, mind, body and soul
I had "Dino" the other day and I can't put it into words.

I experienced "Dino" and it was the best thing ever.
by European Goddess February 02, 2010
You start off soft then as u gain speed, u cum right the the fuckin PUSSY HOLE and u roar like a god damn dinosaure. Then you eat the fuckin cum out of the mutha fuckin pussy.
Bitch listen up, im gonna dino u right now! So get ur cunt ready for some action.
by Maxamaniac April 16, 2007
Look up J8. This also refers to J8 packing a big shlong in his pants.
"Ay J8 me duele mucho, your cock made my poonany sore." -flower
by J8 November 20, 2004

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