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Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck
you hurt your leg, well DILLIGAF
by Vince March 03, 2004
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck

Accronym as sung by Kevin Bloody Wilson
Australian Comic
Its stress relief made easy, its simple and it works, just say DILLIGAF next time you got to deal with dick heads wankers and jerks.

And when you go out, stick a DILLIGAF on your T Shirt or you hat and when some cunts giving you the shits, just say "Mate... Read That"
#kevin bloody wilson #dick head #wanker #jerk #cunt
by Mr Hamster August 07, 2006
Do I Look Like I Give A F*ck?
"Oh you got another new phone; DILLIGAF!
by RandyW July 29, 2005
Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck...
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. about the new rims on yo car
#care #it #does #look #like #give #fuck
by J Thompson December 09, 2005
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?
Girl: Does this dress make me look fat?
Guy: Dilligaf?
#care #retard #fucktard #bluetard #bastard
by Private Donut September 25, 2005
stands for - Do I Look Like I Give A F*@k

when you couldn't care less..

Pronounced Dilly-Gaf
simmilar to D GAF and D GAS

When someone feels the need to tell you something you don't care about
friend- 'wow did you hear the teacher is having a baby!'
me- 'D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F?!'
#d gaf #d gas #f bomb #f that #stfu
by Kiewwa54 October 15, 2007
Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck
Someone says to you, "what do you think about...."

You answer with DILLIGAF
by Steve November 27, 2003
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