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Daughter I'd Like To Fuck
I like to check out the MILFs and their DILFs when I go to the mall.
by jm1960 February 06, 2008
Means Father I'd Like (to) Fuck.
Like MILF. ;D
Woah, have you ever seen Luke's dad? He's a DILF.
by Icelantika February 03, 2008
n. A very attractive daughter of a milf, only when seen working together at town municipals, nightclubs, charity events and supermarkets.
Did you see that gorgeous daugher and her mom at the muni? She's totally a dilf!
by Nukuler October 17, 2007
dad I'd like to fuck; hot, attractive male with children that you would like to fuck.
I really don't care that Craig has 2 kids, I'd still do him...like he's such a DILF!
by DMoneyMillions July 15, 2010
Abbrieviation for Duck I'd Like to Fuck.
Your mum is such a DILF, I know she works in a zoo but it's not her job!
by Jack Lowe March 13, 2009
Dyke I'd Like To Fuck. Similar to MILF, except referencing a hot lesbian.
Dude one: "That Portia de Rossi is one hot babe."

Dude two: "Yeah. She's a total DILF."
by weewhoore October 17, 2008
Hot older man who is a dad!
Isn't that Sam's dad Scott? Scott is a dilf!
by Scott's friend August 24, 2005