D.I.L.F = Dad I'd Like to Fuck

For girls and guys who fancy other peoples farthers.
Opposite sexual attraction to Milf
WOW, Steve's Dad is HOT, he's a' DILF!'
by Wesroy January 26, 2012
GUY 1: Oh man that kekoa is a dilf !
GUY 2: He's that dude i'll love forever ..
by rectalkisser544 December 13, 2011
Dad I love to fuck
Page; Girl that hat on him was so sexy, I need to hook up with that Dilf.
Candace: How many kids does he have?
Page: 1 mabey 2, IDK, I just herd he was a dad. There more prepared in life. Hey, men call us Milf's!
Candace: Your right. Only fare we get to want a Dilf too!
by arrhenotoky/lookitup October 25, 2009
dad i would like to fuck
your dad is a dilf
by lgdancookie April 28, 2009
DILF - acronym
1. Dad I'd Like to Fuck; a dad you'd like to fuck
2. Christian Bale
me: brb, masturbating to christian bale
you: lol ok. he's a total DILF tbh
by lazmandertrottron September 07, 2008
DILF (Dora I'd like to fuck)
A hot mexican or mexican looking girl

"Dude i just saw a DILF and she was hot!!"

"All I want for christmas is a DILF!"

"Pablo's sister is a hot DILF!!!"
by KA Verruct October 11, 2011
Means Father I'd Like (to) Fuck.
Like MILF. ;D
Woah, have you ever seen Luke's dad? He's a DILF.
by Icelantika February 03, 2008

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