A dad or father that one wishes to have sexual relations with.
"sally your dad is a DILF i would really like to bring him in my bed and screw him."
by DILF, daddy i wanna bang March 19, 2009
acronym for Daddy I Like to Fuck.

The male equivalent of the MILF, or Mommy I Like to Fuck
Hey Sue, look at that DILF over there, me want some of that!
by shitforbrainz March 16, 2011
Dad I'd Like (to) Fornicate (with)
Kristie told me she thinks Johnny Depp is a real DILF but I prefer Gavin Rossdale.
by naitokaze February 03, 2010
Diva Id Like To Fuck
WOW look at Candice Michelle she is totally a dilf
by big Chad February 13, 2008
Dad Id Like to Fuck, a super hot dad
mate gabriels dad is fittt!
yeah propper DILF
by madshitternting April 07, 2011
a smoking hot dude that has a kid that you wanna do, as in get it on
ie: Avery's dad is totally a dilf
by car5 October 25, 2009
disabled person i'd like to fuck. A hot person with a disability; i.e. down syndrome, deaf, dumb, mute, crippled, parapalegic, quadrapalegic, blind, retarded, kyle seavey, polio, measles, mumps, bubonic plague, shingles, scurvey.
I'm tryin to holler at a DILF This down syndrom chick is a DILF. Holla.
by Gully Evans February 28, 2009

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