An acronym for "Dad I'd Like to F***". A dilf is any man (typically between the ages of 30-50) who is incredibly attractive and has kids. They are usually really cut, from activities such as pushing strollers, giving piggyback rides, and intense trips to the local park or Disney World. They also have a killer smile and sense of childlike joy, because they play with their kids all the time. Unfortunately, getting with them is hard, as they are typically very faithful to their wife (see MILF).
Girl #1: Did you see that guy with the stroller over there? He's a total dilf!
Girl #2: Yeah, but don't go up and flirt with him. That woman with him is probably his wife.
by letmefangirlawhile July 04, 2013
Dad I'd Like To Fuck
Brad Sylvester is such a 'dilf'
by hfdsgfribtu July 30, 2010
dad i like to fuck
your dad is one hot dilf
by mizani24 July 15, 2010
Dad I'd Like to F**k.
Usually a Dad of one of your friends who you'd totally like to tap. A hot, sexy, hunk of man who has still got it despite his age.
GIrl1: Chloe's Dad is a total DILF!
Girl2: Who, Glen?
Girl1: Oh yeh! I'd totally ride that Love Train to Orgasm station!
Girl2: Me too! I'd tap that! Imogen's dad Mike is also a DILF!
Girl1: Hells Yeah!
by Shardonay May 28, 2010
Dad I'd like to Fuck. Obviously.

He is usually a sensitive man and caring father. Divorced (or sometimes widowed) with his preferably toddler children, young women find their hearts melting. It is the dilf, not the milf, who really gets the affections of the younger generation. Middle aged, but with a great body and warm smile, he never needs to look far for a good lay.
Now that he is divorced from his cheating ex wife, my neighbor is such a dilf. It's so cute the way he shuffles his kids to day care.
by toee May 16, 2006
Dad I'd like to F***.
Girl 1: Did you see Stacey's dad?
Girl 2: Totally, what a dilf!
by NowThatsDebatable January 27, 2010
Dork i'd like to Fork
That Lisa is such a DILF ( dork i'd like to fork)
by GRAHAMIE January 02, 2013
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