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Divorcée I'd like to fuck
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that Jeannie is getting divorced?
Person 1: Wow, I've been waiting out that marriage for years. Now she's is finally available for some dating and some action!
Person 2: I hear you, brother. Talk about a DILF!
by Quince Vaughan July 26, 2014
dad i like to fuck
your dad is one hot dilf
by mizani24 July 15, 2010
Acronym for dad i`d like to fuck
"Geez, that man`s such a DILF"
by 300 grenades February 25, 2008
Dad I'd like to fuck- mad famous by Erin Sheppard.
Mr. Surdy is such a DILF!
by Erin Sheppard May 19, 2007
Dad I'd Like to F**k.
Usually a Dad of one of your friends who you'd totally like to tap. A hot, sexy, hunk of man who has still got it despite his age.
GIrl1: Chloe's Dad is a total DILF!
Girl2: Who, Glen?
Girl1: Oh yeh! I'd totally ride that Love Train to Orgasm station!
Girl2: Me too! I'd tap that! Imogen's dad Mike is also a DILF!
Girl1: Hells Yeah!
by Shardonay May 28, 2010
Dork i'd like to Fork
That Lisa is such a DILF ( dork i'd like to fork)
by GRAHAMIE January 02, 2013
Dad I'd like to F***.
Girl 1: Did you see Stacey's dad?
Girl 2: Totally, what a dilf!
by NowThatsDebatable January 27, 2010