'Dad I'd Like To Fu**'. Mostly used by girls who are sick of their moms being called milfs so they fire back by saying the persons dad is a Dilf.
*Mom walks by*
BOY1: "Oh Damn, Sarah your mom is such a MILF!"
BOY2: "Mann, I heard that...I'd tap that!"
SARAH: "My mom maybe a Milf but your dads a DILF!"
BOY1: "Not cool"
by Disaster_Lindsey May 25, 2009
Dads I wanna fuck! or Dads in late forties/fifties.
A Dilf is a dad who is cool,in shape, trendy, single/married and has a child. Age isn't an issue for the father in mind.
Makes dads sexier to various groups of women.
by Breejock September 16, 2007
Divorcée I'd like to fuck
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that Jeannie is getting divorced?
Person 1: Wow, I've been waiting out that marriage for years. Now she's is finally available for some dating and some action!
Person 2: I hear you, brother. Talk about a DILF!
by Quince Vaughan July 26, 2014
a dad that you find sexually attractive.
D - dad
I - i'd

L - like to
F - fuck
Jasmine - "Beth, your dads such a dilf!"
Beth - "Rot in hell you hoe."
by blackartttt June 12, 2009
Acronym, stands for Dad I'd Like to Fuck.

Describes an extremely hot man, whether or not he's married, who has children.
Rose's next door neighbor is definitely a DILF.

Some women think Todd Palin is a DILF.
by Antagonistic Sarah January 09, 2009
Dad I'd Like (to) Fuck
Girl, your dad is a total DILF
by Berney November 22, 2007
Dad I'd like to Fuck. Obviously.

He is usually a sensitive man and caring father. Divorced (or sometimes widowed) with his preferably toddler children, young women find their hearts melting. It is the dilf, not the milf, who really gets the affections of the younger generation. Middle aged, but with a great body and warm smile, he never needs to look far for a good lay.
Now that he is divorced from his cheating ex wife, my neighbor is such a dilf. It's so cute the way he shuffles his kids to day care.
by toee May 16, 2006

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