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A shorthand for calling one a Dumbass Idiotic Loser Fool.
Tanginator can be such a DILF sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean always.
by Jonas Bonus December 16, 2004
dumbass idiotic loser fool. in other words, this is a jonad.
jonad is a dilf.
all dilfs are jonads.
i hate jonad. die.
by tangy December 16, 2004
An older man a younger gay man would like to kick it with. Gay slang from early 1990's
Now he's my kind of DILF
by cisco October 23, 2003
Dan id like to fuck.
refering to one dan hubert who is an extremly unatractive human being and an all around messed up individual
that ass face dan is quite the dilf
by Ed Supreme December 09, 2003
Doctor I'd Like to Fuck...an extremely good looking female physician that most straight men with a functional penis would like to fuck.
Yo...i love going to my doctor...she is a straight up D.I.L.F.
by BlackPanther415 March 03, 2009
Doctor I'd like to fuck... seen on ER... aimed towards female doctors
Dude, she's a D.I.L.F..
by Unluckee September 29, 2005