Daughter I'd Like to Fuck
My next door neighbor is a DILF
by rock the casbah September 05, 2004
DILF .. Dog I'd like to fuck
"j esus honey, your dalmation is a pentaped! "
by Andy August 20, 2004
Daughter I'd Like to Fuck
A younger version of a MILF, often seen on college campuses and high schools
holy shit, look at that silf. Now I gotta get home and rub one out.
by urap_nis June 05, 2003
I tell ya', that guy was such and asshole. but snap... he was a dilf!
by the bilf September 02, 2004
Damn I Like to Fuck!!!
by LANE October 26, 2003
a sweet girl...hehehee
She was such a dilf when she made me those cookies!
by Dilf girl August 24, 2003
it can also be a dude,popular among girl sufers and high school chicks
That guy is a total DILF!
by natalie July 16, 2003

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