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Dame I'd Like To Fuck
"Man, did you see Helen Mirren? She is one DILF!"
by Better Baby Corn December 14, 2008
4 19
demon i like to fuck
that vampire is scary, but hot, a total dilf
by Mark Wahlberg December 01, 2006
16 31
Daughter I'd Like To Fuck
Man, Sue's daughter is such a DILF. I wanna bang her in the worst way.
by MaD July 27, 2005
46 61
Daughter I'd Like to Fritzl.
Did you see Jame's little girl Annessa? Now that is a dilf I'd like to lock in my basement!
by Johan Fritzl July 18, 2008
13 30
Deacon I'd like to fuck!
Deacon Tony is a total dilf!

Aww look at deacon over there lickin his finger! damnnn, what a DILF!!!!!

look at that gramp over there in that pew, screw him.. i want that dilf in and around my mouth.

I wanna go to a Catholic school, theyve got all them DIILLFFSS!

Good thing hes not a priest, thats fo show, thank God hes a dilf!
by Linds Vinocon March 18, 2008
2 20
Daughter I'd like to fuck
Jenna is such a dilf.
by George W. Bush January 30, 2005
37 56
Johnny Depp.
nuff sed.
by Anonymous February 06, 2004
43 63